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A View from Daryl Boyer's Window - The Cleansing!

I told you last week that I would be back this week with an interview that went in depth on Daryl Boyer's project, The Cleansing.  God is sending out a trumpet call to His children right now, and I am so thankful to share with you what He has done in Daryl's ministry!  Enjoy your time with Daryl!

Daryl Boyer…..introduce yourself!  How was The Cleansing conceived, and how did it become a reality?

                I am a Worship Director, Youth Pastor, husband, and father to three beautiful daughters.  I am originally from Michigan but now reside with my family in South Jersey.
                I began a journey in June of 2014 that would change not only my life, but really my entire way of thinking about the Lord, reaching out to the people around me, and the content of the songs that I would write and share with others in the months ahead. While I was on vacation in June of 2014, The Lord began to show me that he wanted His church to get a greater understanding of what it means to be made new, to really truly be cleansed and refined in Him. Now at the time I had very little understanding myself what that actually looked like in its fullness. Yes, I had already had a relationship with the Lord, but did I really truly understand what that meant know the fullness of God’s cleansing process over my own life? 
Over the next few months God began to take me to scriptures in my time with Him that started to unwrap His heart for me in new ways. I began to now see all the things Christ wanted me to become through all He did on the cross in a way I had not seen or considered before. I began to now see that I had been made a new creation that was given an authority to walk out the things God declared I could be. I began to see that becoming a new creation and becoming all that God had for me was about yielding and receiving., not about a 12 step striving process. I finally began to understand that as I yield and fully surrender, it was giving God the permission to reveal His heart to me. In this season God began to clean away years of wrong thinking that focused on what I did wrong instead of who He said he had made me to be.  He showed me to focus forward and leave the past behind in the refining fire.
                In March of 2015 after attending a “Power and Love” conference with Todd White and Robby Dawkins, I had been given the full and life changing perspective on exactly what the Lord desired for my life.  I would charge forward in making an album The Cleansing, that would talk about the heart of God  toward us and His refining process, a process that is fully life changing for all when we yield completely to His refining hand and stop striving to clean ourselves up.

Have you always considered yourself a musician? How has God used music to mold your life into His image?

                I was always a very musical child growing up, I started singing at a very young age and playing guitar when I was about 10 years old. As I got older and was playing in various bands I began to see the value in using my talent and gifts for worship and for honoring God. I believe fully that because of my willingness to submit to the Lord in the use of my talents, He is able to shape and mold my music into exactly what His heart desires. I am certain that in that submission, and in that process, my life is equally  transformed more into His image along the journey.

This project seems to be filled with a heart cry for believers to be fully submitted to God’s presence and direction in their life.  The title song of the album – The Cleansing – prayerfully asks; “Lay me down on the altar of your refining fire, to be the one you’ve called me to be.”  What is the story behind this song?

The song The Cleansing is really about understanding exactly who Christ has called us to be as a new creation in Him. The real life and heart change for all of us comes when we drop the idea from our system that says we can somehow clean ourselves up by our daily actions in order to be worthy representatives of Christ in the eyes of the world and of the Father. It is true that we should desire to walk in a way worthy of Christ’s pleasure for us, but we must first be fully dead to ourselves and our ways of doing things in order for that to manifest a change of fruit.  The fruits of what we can offer the world will become what God puts on our branches, as we let Him trim away the dead and useless branches in our lives and place them on the fire. We need Christ to burn away the things of the old man so that the new man is all that is allowed to remain.
Romans 6: 5-6 (mirror translation) says it like this: “(5.)We were like seeds planted together in the same soil, to be co-quickened to life. If we were included in his death we are equally included in his resurrection. (6.) We perceive that our old lifestyle was co-crucified together with him”; this concludes that the vehicle that accommodated sin in us, was scrapped and rendered entirely useless. Our slavery to sin has come to an end.

Amen for that! We have indeed been given the invitation to receive this as truth.  We just have to willingly make the choice to surrender ourselves up to the process of allowing God to truly replace the old man with the new man. It is about an entire lifestyle change that is born as a result of our full submission to the refining and re-birthing process.  The Cleansing is indeed about walking out each day knowing that we live a new life  in Christ Jesus , one that is complete with a whole new identity in Him.

Do you lead worship in your church? 

I am the Worship Director  and enjoy leading worship for my home church on the weeks that I am not ministering on the road. Christ Fellowship Church in Seaville, NJ is currently my home church and foundation where I try to invest all that I can when I am not traveling. I believe it is important that everyone establishes roots and serves in a church somewhere. I enjoy serving  at Christ Fellowship under the leadership of Lead Pastor Andrew Surace.

Has music opened up doors to minister in unique ways?  In what ways?

I believe music has opened up many opportunities for me to minister in unique ways. Truth is, there are always curious people in every concert and in every service that are looking for a real experience with the Lord. Sometimes we can spot these people in the room, or we may even already know them. Either way, we do not always have the right words to say, or the ability to help people receive those words. I have found that time and time again in the midst of my lack for spoken words of comfort, Christ always steps in the midst of the music. It seems that music can always do what normal words from our lofty thinking never can in general conversation. Music often picks up where our human thinking leaves off or looses effectiveness.
I think that people are moved because the music and worship to the Lord is a direct line to our spirit. When our spirit is being moved and positioned toward the Lord, God is always able to move in unique and unexpected ways. The precious and unique move of God often comes on the wave of great worship.

What is one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had with a listener since you’ve released this project?

I think that one of the most memorable experiences for me has been that of a women I had not previously known who was battling cancer. Shortly after her hearing the album I was informed of the impact it had had on her.  It was truly humbling and powerful to hear how God had used my song “Just In Time” (track 10 on the album) to bring about a new level of hope to her in a time she was really needing to experience all of Gods hope, mercy, provision, and love. She was able to draw from the music of the CD to further find faith for her healing from the Lord. It blows my mind, how amazing the Lord is!

Where do you find inspiration to write your music?

I usually find my music inspiration through the things that I am dealing with in my own life, or in the midst of something God is showing me. Sometimes I write a song based on a scripture or prayer revelation the Lord is showing  me in a certain subject or situation. Ultimately, the truth is that outside of the Holy Spirit's direction the songs are just another run of the mill song. The real inspiration and power for the song comes from the Lord. I know for me the biggest part is getting alone with my guitar or on the piano, hitting record, and then just taking my time as I listen to the Lord playing what flows from my spirit. This is probably the method I used to write half of the album “The Cleansing.” I feel that the Holy Spirit moving in us writes the best songs, and then we get to sing them to express God's heart if we are willing. What an honor it is!

What is the most personally meaningful song on this project? Why?

The most meaningful song on this album for me is the Title track “The Cleansing.” From day one of having the album theme and concept picked before the songs were even written, I just knew in this song the Lord was going to deliver something powerful in its completion.  The title track was actually one of the last songs that I completed in the demo process, before taking the full game plan to Nashville for it's completion. I love the way that the song really walks through such a gentle invitation to come  draw close to Christ' love and grace. I also love the way that the song points out God's perfect love as being the core fuel in the refining process over our lives.  It is so important that all God's children understand His desire is to manifest His unconditional love over our lives, in the process of being refined in Him.
What do you hope listeners find in the message of this album? What do you hope they take away from this album?

My biggest prayer for listeners is that they find new freedom, understanding, and truth in Christ. I want God’s children to see that they have an irreplaceable value in Him because they are His. Their value is not established by what they may or may not get perfectly right each day. Christ knew full well who he died for when he went to the cross, and He saw us all as worth the price.  God has declared us all to be identified in Him as a new creation, filled with His goodness and love, and overflowing with His presence. I want for people to get a revelation of who Christ says they are in Him, and He sees them.

My desire is to see God's children free from the mindset that says they are just a hopeless sinner.  Satan wants us fixated on starting our day thinking we are just a sinner. God wants us to start our day remembering that He made us a son and delivered us from sin’s grasp and bondage.  Christ died for us to become sons in His kingdom.  We are here and breathing to represent Christ well, by making the focus be about Him in us, and not about us and our flesh. I want people to understand Christ has made all things new in the hearts of His children, it's about stepping into that understanding, and walking in that truth. Christ in us is the Hope of His perfect Glory!

What would you say to encourage others who feel like God has called them to be worshippers through their music?

I would say to go all in with an unquenchable passion, really seek the Lord in everything you step out in along the way. Leading worship and sharing worship that is designed to move hearts before the father, comes from a life that is submitted fully before the Lord.  It requires a daily place of continued submission. He will bless your offering of submission and take your musical gift and bring forth more then you ever could in your own strength. I would also say that it is important to understand the honor that comes to a Worship Leader in being entrusted with taking God's children into His presence during worship as well as in everyday life. Chase the Lord with all your heart, use all your gifts unselfishly, and really enjoy His presence. The more you continue to make it about the Lord, the more the Lord will bless your worship. 

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