Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Finding God in the Ruins by Matt Bays - REVIEWED

About the Book:
When the reality of your pain doesn't line up with what you've been taught in church, then what? While many abandon their faith or embrace hopelessness, it is possible to discover the God who heals your heart in the midst of the pain.

Matt Bays has been where you are. His unforgettable stories of loss and healing will usher you into a life where gratitude overpowers anger, hope overcomes despair, and hunger for God replaces indifference to God. With a fresh and original writing style, Bays demonstrates that true redemption is far more powerful than the temporary fixes of sanitized Christianity.

My Thoughts:

“God knows your name.  And in the immense pain, he whispers under his bright, sending a love song – a melody of grace notes that in time will balance every dissonant chord of tyour life.  He is the one who, at this very moment, wherever you may be, has hung and invisible banner over your head that reads, I have reddemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. – Isa. 43:1 ESV”

Matt Bays’ book, Finding God in the Ruins, has been a tool used by God in redeeming some of the darkest moments of my life.  I have wept, rejoiced, and sat in silent awe at the transformation that took place in my heart as I read this book.

Was is what I expected?  No. It was too transparent, too raw, too messy, too painful – it was TRUE!!!  And this is the truth, transparency and messy painfulness that I want to have every moment the rest of my life in relationship with God – my creator, my redeemer – my friend!  

Dear reader, if you don’t read another book all year, pick this book up and soak up every single word! Lay down your religious tradition and embrace the love of your heavenly Father – completely – without reservation – in spite of your mess – your pain – in spite of everything!!  Please, I ask you from the deepest part of my heart – chase after God and your redemption with every fiber of your being!!  Be made new!!

I PRAISE GOD for Matt Bay’s and his amazing, painful obedience to write this beautiful book!!

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About the Author:

Matt Bays is a writer, speaker, and musician with a passion to call people out of their hiding places; calling forth others' stories is the hallmark of his spiritual vocation and purpose. In ministry for twenty years, Bays was most recently the worship pastor for Northview Church in Carmel, IN, recently noted as the second fastest growing church in America with more than 8,000 attending each weekend.

Bays is also a singer-songwriter, as is his wife, Heather, herself a sought-after studio vocalist in Indianapolis. Married for twenty years, the couple have two teenage daughters.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for reviewing...and for spreading the world to those you know who are hanging on to their faith by a thread, or who've lost it altogether. I know they can find hope...and I'm praying they will.

Thank you for reading!

Matt Bays