Wednesday, February 3, 2016

UP's "Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour" - “Firestarter or Peacemaker: What Are You” - Thurs., Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. EST - REVIEWED!!

Synopsis: “Firestarter or Peacemaker: What Are You” – Episode 102 
It’s a story of a stressed single mom with two kids who is desperately trying to pick up the pieces from a divorce.  With a sassy six-year-old and a very sensitive son, the flare-ups are constant, but just who is starting the fire?

My Thoughts:
"Do it for those beautiful children in there that  you love." 

Nanny Jo Frost speaks the truth in love like few people I know!  She can observe and identify problems and their solutions with discernment and boldness that makes her insertion into the lives of this family very powerful and effective!! 

Honestly, there is a LOT to be learned from Jo Frost!  I love this show and the hope that is sheds on all-to-common family situations.  I love the fact that she acknowledges that to ask for the help that is needed is a hugely positive thing!

This is a great episode of a very powerful and positive show!  I am excited to recommend it to you!

About Up:
UP is television's trusted entertainment brand dedicated to providing viewers with "feel good TV for you and your family."  UP uplifts viewers every day with premiere movies, original reality, dramatic and comedy series filled with compelling stories and characters with character. In keeping with its brand promise, UP’s pro-social initiative, Uplift Someone,” inspires people to do simple, everyday acts of kindness.  UP is widely available on cable systems and satellite providers across the United States. Based in Atlanta, UP is a division of UP Entertainment, LLC and partners with the ASPiRE network on sales, marketing and other operational services. 

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