Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A view from Diogo Morgado's Window - Love Finds You in Valentine!

Thanks to Sheryl Tirol, I was able to get Diogo Morgado's thoughts on his role in UP tv's upcoming film Love Finds You in Valentine.  You will be able to enjoy his performance on February 14th at 7 and 9pm EST.

I truly enjoyed the film, and I think you will enjoy Diogo's insight from the point of view of the role of the lead male.

Valentine – the town itself  - seems to be a small town filled with down-to-earth folks who care about each other.  The character Derek Sterling seems to have found healing and wholeness in Valentine.  What drew you to this character and why is his role significant to you personally?
What drew me to this character is the fact that he is a survivor. He has a rough childhood, he was given up for adoption so he was a problematic kid while growing up, but he found redemption through love. Love for his adopted mother and love for the land and nature. Through that love he found himself. That's a beautiful journey to play in a character, and I wanted that.

Why do you think Derek tries to resist his attraction to Kennedy?  What role does forgiveness play in the ability to find your worth despite the mistakes that your past holds?
I think Derek is above all really protective. It's not that he was trying to resist anything. He was just trying to guard himself from this city girl who claims to own the place.
I think the fact that later on he starts seeing who she is, that's when he allows himself to forgive and feel.
What have you learned about yourself as you filmed this movie?  How has it changed you?
This movie was not about learning anything new (besides learning how to ride horses.) It was more about putting on film what I believe should be the nature of relationships between people. 

What was your favorite part of filming this movie?
Maybe the part when Derek opens his heart to Kennedy and tells her everything about himself. It was a beautiful, truthful moment, I think.

What makes Love Finds You in Valentine different from other love stories?  What does it have to offer viewers?
It might be different because it showcases love in many different forms other than just romantic love. We show family love, friendship love, self love, forgiveness love, redemption love. I think that makes the film real, inspiring, and more complete.

What do you hope viewers will discover as they watch this film?

Hopefully they will see through this story that we shouldn't make any judgments about anyone or anything. A lot of the animosity between the characters in the beginning happens because they were doing exactly that.

Check out the trailer HERE and make plans to watch this film with someone you love!

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