Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Song - A Movie Review

There is nothing in this world that won’t go away, even joy.  My only hope is that there’s something bigger than this world.”  Rose to Jed

The Song is not a movie I will soon forget.  It is both a blessing and a curse that I was asked to preview this movie.  Song of Solomon addresses many, if not all, areas of sin in our lives and he concludes that there is nothing new under the sun – especially as it concerns marital infidelity.  So, the King family has a couple of generations to fight this battle. 

The viewer gets enough of a look into the life of David King (Jed’s dad) to know that he made bad choices in his marriage.  Although Jed was raised with a legacy of infidelity, he had a strong faith when he married.  And then….Song of Solomon…..

Suffice it to say, at the point where his wife tells him that her hope is in something bigger than this world, she has endured hell and back.  Truth is, until infidelity has rocked your world you have NO IDEA what that feels like.  Sadly, I know this all too well as my 22-year marriage ended a couple of years ago, and there were some scenes in this movie that I could not watch the first time through.  It was too real and too raw.  So in that sense, this movie does a stellar job at presenting a very difficult subject matter.

While I know the intent of the movie is to provide healing and open doors to struggling marriages, I am NOT a fan of the overall message of the movie!  In the life of David King redemption seems to come through the marriage to the woman he was unfaithful with. That made me want to vomit.  And then Jed…well we don’t really know what reconciliation looked like other than it began with a sappy song and a simple “I’m sorry.”  That is NOT REALITY FOLKS!!  No woman alive would be that naive.  Well, I hope not anyway. (Jed's issues were NOT simple!)

It’s really difficult to tell you to watch this movie.  For those who have never walked this path, I fear they will receive a faulty and damaging view of this subject.  For those like myself who have lived through this hell, they will probably either walk out altogether or be so upset that they won’t be able to drive home. I’m thankful I was in my own home when I viewed it and could skip ahead or stop it all together.

This film is not overtly Christian, but you have just enough of a faith element to know that without God this is an utter impossibility to overcome.

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