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Cheri Keaggy - So I Can Tell - A View from Cheri's Window!

I had the amazing privilege of interview Cheri Keaggy about her new music project.  I promise you, this was a God-appointment like no other I've ever experienced! I am daily amazed at the way God introduces His truth into our lives in such a personal way!
My prayer I as I introduce this album to you, is that you would listen to the words of Cheri's heart, and know that we serve a God that is mighty to save! He loves us and wants to use us in His service! Please take time to spend with Cheri Keaggy and listen to the mighty work that God is doing in her life! (The Album Releases July 10th, but you can go HERE and preorder TODAY!)

“I’ve heard the truth ‘So I Can Tell.’”  What is the truth that you’ve learned during the past year that has had the most powerful impact on your personal relationship with Christ?

I went through a divorce 2 years ago, the end of 20+ years of marriage.  There were many difficult years before then. After the marriage ended I began pressing into the Lord,  working against becoming bitter. I learned that you can’t do heart work for anyone but yourself. And the broader lesson I learned was that even though I believed that I could fix the marriage if I worked hard enough, fasted long enough, prayed hard enough – that none of that made a difference. I could only do heartwork in my own life. The outcome was not what I wanted or expected.  I learned a lot by drawing close to God and letting Him do His work in my life.

Many of the songs on your new album contain powerful statements of truth – whether in the title or in the chorus -  repeated statements of God’s truth that the listener can cling to and take great comfort in. How were you inspired to write these songs?  What was it like to hear them become a recording that the world can hear and enjoy?

I’m a life time journaler and I write song ideas throughout my life. (Song ideas are marked by an eighth note in my journal)  I was attending  a She Speaks conference – an equipping conference for women in ministry.  The speaker was talking about the revelation to the luke warm church….repent…remember your first love…falling in love with Jesus.  I had spent so much time managing my life that I had to remember my song writing…that was my first love…and I felt God’s nudging so strong that I would be in disobedience if I didn’t work on this new project.

 “What if you trust Me with your finances and just write.”  Was the thing God spoke into my heart during that time.  It was awesome to obey with abandon and when I did that the songs just flowed.  This album was God’s work.  It was my first album since 2007. And this is the fruit of persevering in hard places.

What is your favorite title on the album? What inspired you to write that song? Why does it mean much to your heart?

I cannot answer that! Each song is like a child. I can’t love one more than another. Each song was a real emotion, a realization – a real lesson from God.

What do you hope that listeners will take away from your songs? 

When God loves us like He does we feel compelled to share…this is a season of great purpose in my life.  One night I was very anxious about the future – there were so many unknowns -  and  God gave me Psalms 138:8a.  This is my Beauty from Ashes project.  This album is full of Hope in Christ. He invites us to HOPE. I want listeners will take Hope away  from this project.  Romans 15:13 is another powerful illustration of this truth -  you must place your trust in Christ alone.

The first time I listened to this album, I literally wept through many of the songs. It was a very healing collection of songs for me, and I imagine it will be to many people who hear these songs.  Was it hard to put so much of yourself into these songs? Or was it a healing exercise for you to share your heart with others?  

It’s a relief to be able to minister in a real way…I feel healing.  Songwriting is my devotional to the Lord.  I’m writing…singing…crying…I felt that God was loving on me while I was writing these songs. Even when I’m performing live…I remember the hard places which bore those songs in my life.  I’m so grateful that God meets me there in the suffering.

Air Food and Water” was one of my favorite songs on the album!  It spoke of the real blessings of life, without which nothing else much matters.  You made it a really upbeat and fun song! What inspired that song? It’s very different from most songs on the album in a lot of ways. (tempo, rhythm ect..) answer in the youtube interview

“If you’re not sure you can trust Him then come talk to me.”  I LOVE that line in the song Air Food and Water! Have you always been able to testify to that truth with such upbeat confidence?  Why do so many Christians lack this confidence in God’s goodness and provision?

I was challenging Wynona Judd when I was singing that song! (big chuckle shared here)  When I wrote that song I was in the depths of despair.. It makes me chuckle to think that the most lighthearted  song came out of the darkest moment.

“Hello God” follows “Air Food and Water” and has a very different feeling to it. Your album reflects the ups and downs every believer experiences at one time or another.  The variety of emotion on this album is what makes it so powerful.  What inspired such emotional extremes? What do you hope that your transparency will speak to others who are struggling with their faith?

As much as possible and is appropriate, I want to maintain transparency.  I know that I get the most out of others who are transparent with their life experiences.  What I share of my experiences is general enough that it can apply to anyone’s details.  We all need comfort and encouragement from the body of Christ, assurance that God is with us.  Transparent….I don’t know any other way to be.

You’ve been writing, singing and performing most of your life. How is your ministry different now than any other time? What has God done in your life to grow your faith and, in turn, grow your ministry gift?

God is expanding my ministry.  I have been given a new depth to my ministry…maturing and growing as any believer’s life.  God’s opened more doors to speaking…where I used to primarily sing and lead worship.  I feel a sense of joy and purpose without using the vehicle of a song .

“So I Can Tell” was my introduction to your music. (I’m ashamed to admit this!) Like I said, I wept through this album! What would you recommend I listen to next? Why?

Because He First Loved Us…I was in the trenches then….clinging to the Lord choosing Joy because it was mine in Christ. 

What words of encouragement do you want to share with your listening audience?

Stay the course! Romans 15:13 was the sentiment that I want to leave with the listeners. This is my prayer to my listeners. I want to point others to the truth because God can transform us through His truth.  I feel strongly that I should be a good steward of the truths He has shared with me.  We all have an audience with whom we can share God’s message.

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jbeeson said...

Through her transparency and pain , Cheri has allowed us to see the true healing grace ,that Christ alone can provide for each of us if we allow Him to . So I can Tell is a truly awesome testimony of that . If you take the time to listen to her new album , it will take you from Cheri's pain to Christ love and start you on the narrow road back to Him . So that you now can go and Tell. Thank you Cheri for allowing the Lord to use you in such a powerful way to bless others . Sista Janelle :)