Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Flashback Prompt with TEETH!

What are your dental memories of childhood? Who pulled your baby teeth and how was it done - with a tissue, string, or other method? Was it a traumatic experience or no big deal? Did you have to have any teeth pulled by the dentist? Did the tooth fairy visit your house? If so, how much did you get for each tooth and how long did that last? How old were you at your first dental visit? Did you go regularly? Did you have any/many cavities as a child? Was dental hygiene taught in school? Was flossing a big deal when you were growing up? Did you have braces and, if so, for how long? Did you have to wear rubber bands, head/neck gear or other additional "accessories"? Did you need braces but your parents couldn't afford them? Have you had braces as an adult? Do you have any fond/funny//traumatic memories of old relatives or friends and their false teeth?

I began my relationship with the dentist at a very early age because my mouth was so small that all of my adult teeth didn’t fit. I also suffered from a “tongue thrust” that was pushing my front teeth WAY out of line. Sooo…long story short, I started seeing the orthodontist by the time I was in first grade to widen my pallet and take care of the damage my tongue was doing. As soon as my adult teeth made an appearance 4-6 of them were removed – along with some stubborn baby teeth that refused to fall out. I was in braces by the time I was 10 until I was 13. I never had a head gear, but wore a LOT of rubber bands and “power chains”. (ouch!) I had all four wisdom teeth cut out before I was 14, and I’ve had a straight smile ever since!

I do have memories of the tooth fairy leaving change under my pillow, but I don’t think it was very much or very often. My dad tried the “tying the tooth to the doorknob and slamming the door” method ONCE – and I’m still scared of doorknobs! J Seriously, I have had a WHOLE lot of dental stuff done in my lifetime and it’s not a big deal for the most part. I just had a couple of crowns last year, and that, by far, is the WORST. I had my first root canal done last year too, but that wasn’t as bad as the crown.

My parents always took us regularly to the dentist – and then the orthodontist – and all four of us had braces. I’m the only one that wore my retainer like I should, so I’m the only one with a straight smile now, but that’s life. I’m just thankful I still have a healthy mouth and am able to smile!

Both my sons have inherited my small pallet, and both of them had to have some permanent teeth pulled before they got braces. But we just got my youngest son out of braces last year, and now they both have beautiful, straight smiles! I’m certainly thankful for good dentists and orthodontists!


michael@CornerStone Dentistry said...

For me, i remember my childhood dentist as a beautiful lady with pearly, white teeth.Palm Desert General Dentistry

Mocha with Linda said...

Orthodontists are indeed a blessing and can really change a child's life.

Thanks for participating this week. Hugs. :-) (Don't forget to link up)

bp said...

It scares me just to think of pulling a tooth with a doorknob! I can't even imagine!

Have a good weekend!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I was scared too death of the "doorknob pulling."

I've had so many crowns that I cannot count them all and I don't recall them being that big of a deal. But, I've had so much dental work done that perhaps it just all blends in together. :o)

Blessings for a beautiful weekend!

bekahcubed said...

Yikes-that small palate sounds like a real bother. I've been blessed with a big mouth :-P and have elected to even keep a couple of my wisdom teeth!