Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lord Is My Shepherd by Debbie Viguie - REVIEWED

“The first duty of the living is to continue to live.” ( p. 221)

Staying alive is hard to do in Debbie Viguie’s latest novel, The Lord is My Shepherd. The story gets off to quick start when Cindy Preston trips over a dead body in the sanctuary, and Rabbi Jeremiah Silverman comes to the rescue. This odd pairing of protestant church secretary and Jewish rabbi turns out to make a rather interesting duo as a serial killer begins wrecking havoc on a small town preparing to celebrate Easter/Passover. The reader is led in several different directions in search of the killer, and by the time one is found, many people are dead and the living are extremely traumatized.

I enjoyed the new genre offering from Debbie’s pen, as I was already a huge fan of her teen series Sweet Seasons. Were it not for the sheer volume of murder victims in the story, I would classify this as a cozy mystery. The pace of the story doesn’t really put it in the realm of thriller either, so I’d have to place this somewhere in between the two. I enjoyed the side by side viewpoints of the events from both Jewish and Christian perspective, especially in light of the fact that the entire town was preparing for Easter/Passover. I felt like Viguie left a lot of open doors for both of the main characters by the end of the story, and I’ll be interested to see if she chooses to develop their characters further.

The Lord is My Shepherd is the first of the Psalm 23 Myeteries, so I’m very curious to see where things will go from here. Surely the story will take place in another location, because it seems like this little town has had more than its fair share of murder and mayhem. If you like a good mystery, check out Debbie Viguie’s latest title!


Debbie Viguie's love for writing brought her from working as a church secretary to a successful career writing supernatural fiction. She is the author of Midnight Pearls, Scarlet Moon, and Charmed: Pied Piper, and the young adult Sweet Seasons series. She also is coauthor of the New York Times bestselling Wicked book series. Debbie graduated from the University of California at Davis, where she majored in English. She and her husband, an attorney, live in Hawaii.

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Mocha with Linda said...

When I passed up the book, I didn't connect the dots that she's the Sweet Seasons author. My girl LOVES LOVES LOVES those books.