Monday, February 22, 2010

Cowgirl At Heart by Christine Lynxwiler - REVIEWED

“Cowgirls are filled with courage and determination.” (p. 82)

Elyse McCord is not a woman who views herself with either courage or determination. The adopted daughter of the McCord family, Elyse is surrounded by a rambunctious group of ranchers most of the time, except when she is surrounded by her loving and devoted pets – three dogs. It is her love for dogs that takes her into a dangerous situation and introduces her to reporter and house painter Andrew Stone. From the moment their lives collide Elyse knows that there is something different about Andrew. There is a safety and peace found in his presence that is unlike any other man she has ever encountered.

Andrew Stone is a man with a past that haunts him, and it has cost him relationship with his father and others that desire to know him better. He encounters the McCord family under very uncertain circumstances, and finds himself drawn to their love and fellowship in a very strong way. He is particularly drawn to Elyse and the desire to protect her from her own past and the danger that seems to follow her every step. When he finally begins to reveal his heart, he is frightened by his own vulnerability. Will he choose to allow Elyse into his heart and life, or will he continue to hold her, and the entire McCord family at a distance?

Cowgirl at Heart is the second in the McCord Sister Romance series, and it takes the reader into the midst of a very special family. Just as God designed the dynamics of the McCord family, so He designed the unique gifting in the lives of Elyse and Andrew. Neither of them seem to have the courage they need to pursue the dreams dearest to their heart. Instead, they embrace fear and uncertainty with more grit and determination than either of them realize. Thankfully, they also seem to hold the key that unlocks each other’s dreams…if they will only take that first step!

This is a tender romance wound around a thread of suspense that draws the reader into the story and then to a satisfying conclusion. I think everyone will identify with the fear and insecurity that can overtake a heart when they cling to tightly to the painful moments of their past. Readers will also rejoice at the unique and specific ways the Lord works to draw people toward Himself and one another.

If you enjoy a good contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and a lot of family love and conflict, check out Christine Lynxwiler’s stories! You can read my review of The Reluctant Cowgirl here.


Award-winning author and past president of American Christian Romance Writers, CHRISTINE LYNXWILER, her husband, Kevin, and their two daughters live in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in their home state of Arkansas. Christine’s greatest earthly joy is her family, and aside from God’s work, spending time with them is her top priority.

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