Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rook by Steven James - Reviewed!

Hey folks! I'm still making time for Steven James and his Patrick Bowers Thrillers! They are phenomenal!!

“Slipping past their defenses, taking them out unaware.” (p. 480)

Agent Patrick Bowers is in San Diego as a consulting favor to one of his team members, and he has brought his stepdaughter Tessa along because no real danger is present and his geoprofiling might help crack a mysterious series of arson fires. What no on could possibly know is that evil itself has slipped past their defenses, and what should have been a few days of quality time with Tessa explodes into one of Patrick Bowers’ most deadly investigations!

The timing of each event in The Rook is strategically placed to draw the reader deep into the hearts and minds of the characters. From the outset, Bowers is struggling with secrets from his past alongside his deep desire to connect with Tessa and find a way to express his deep love and longing to be a father. Yet in what appears to be a random act of violence, both he and Tessa are thrust into a plot of national intrigue. Once again, the reader is left in a desperate race against time as Patrick and his team members frantically try to figure out what is going on around them.

There are deeper emotional issues woven into this second Patrick Bowers Thriller. Steven James not only places the reader alongside the players for both good and evil, but he plumbs the depths of Bowers’ heart as he struggles to move past the loss of his wife and reach out to Tessa. He also finally recognizes that his relationship with agent Lien-hua Jieng might be more than just a work-related partnership. Beyond all of this, the reader also comes to know Tessa in a much deeper and meaningful way, and oddly enough it is her eclectic character that James uses to bring an electrifying dimension to this story.

Steven James is a brilliant writer. Each word, each phrase, each scene is succinctly and powerfully written to wring every ounce of emotion out of the reader. Along the journey, the reader’s heart will ache, will laugh, will cry as the very spirit of each character is placed within the crucible of terrifying trial. Slowly, but surely, they are being drawn to the One who is able to rescue them from themselves. It is a breathtaking journey!

Pick up your copy from Revell today!!

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