Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pawn by Steven James - REVIEWED

I was introduced to Steven James' writing when I read The Knight back in August, and I finally have the chance, rather I'm making the time, to read the other books in this fabulous series!!

“…chaos is the evidence of human beings, but hope is the evidence of God.” (p.296)

Patrick Bowers is a man whose life is filled with chaos. Hope has left his heart, and the vacuum of emptiness left in its wake threatens to pull him into the same chaotic abyss as the world around him. Yet somewhere, deep within the echoes of memory, Bowers’ wife’s voice calls him to hope…calls him to love his daughter…calls him to life.

Life is not what the serial killer, known only to himself as the Illusionist – has in mind for the future of those whom he chooses to victimize. Even as his victims are dying, he has already chosen who will die next for it is all a game to him – a game he is convinced he will win. But even serial killers get interrupted, and when someone else tries to mimic his handiwork, things grow even more chaotic for Bowers and those who are working with him to find the killer.

The Pawn is a fast-paced, tightly written thriller that is filled with taut emotions, deep regrets and painful memories. Each character in this deadly game is motivated to win – both for good and for evil. Steven James uses vivid word-smithing to draw the reader into the hearts and minds of his characters so that it feels as thought you are at their side all along the journey. You feel yourself grow desperate to see that this deadly game ends successfully. Patrick Bowers is a man longing to find answers to painful questions that everyone must wrestle with in the course of living. Whether or not he will set aside his anger and look beyond his circumstances proves a very difficult battle and almost costs him everything.

This is a FANTASTIC series, and I can't WAIT to read The Bishop, due out from Revell later this year!!


Mocha with Linda said...

I've not read any of his books. Your review tempts me to check one out!

Tami said...

Hi Kim,
Gotta love these books! I tell everyone who likes suspense to read them.

I started blogging again! I'm so happy to finally be able to read again. I've missed my blogging friends.

I'll send you an email soon so we can catch up!
Tami from Tree Swing Reading