Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Friendly Mouse by Sophia R. Tyler REVIEWED

About the Book:

 A Small Mouse with a Big Heart Changes the World One Friend at a Time. . .

Mouse is a field mouse who loves living in the country, but works in the city. This leaves him with a major problem: he is constantly late for work. In the face of losing his job, Mouse makes a bold, faith-filled choice that could cost him everything.

An unexpected story about how a little mouse overwhelmed with his own struggles finds himself to be the miracle prayed for by another.

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My Thoughts:

"I decided to choose kindness, no matter what anyone else does."  (p.29)

Mouse reminds me of something I easily forget sometimes...be kind always.  This is a picture book that kids will easily relate to, because they all always watching and listening and know when their parents are struggling.  This book also holds powerful truth reminders for the adults reading to the children in their lives...model the behavior you want to teach them!

Mouse also reminds us that others  - adults too - are always watching the behaviors we model.  Kindness doesn't always result in generous gifts from others, but there are many intangible gifts that kindness brings our way  - like friendship!   Every adult I know has difficult people in their lives, and if we choose to react with kindness, we are often surprised at the way God meets our needs, both physical and emotional!

I love this picture book and can't wait to share it with the little people in my life!!  Enjoy!

About the Author:

Sophia R. Tyler thinks back on the countless nights spent with her mom and sisters, reading books before bed. Ending the day by escaping into books with her sisters and mom, brought her feelings of warmth, safety and coziness. And ever since then, books have had that same effect. She hopes that the Jesus-inspired morals resonate with readers and brings similar feelings to those she felt as a kid.

Sophia likes to think about times people have shown kindness to her in times of need and how much that meant to her. The Friendly Mouse is a sweet reminder of how acts of kindness can go a long way. A comedian and actor named Robin Williams said it best: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind, always.”

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