Wednesday, May 20, 2020

An Interview with Sasha Olsen: Legend's from Mom's Closet

Sasha Olsen has accomplished more in her ten years of living than most people!  She has become an activist on behalf of the world's oceans, and has published her first book!

Legend's from Mom's Closet  showcases Sasha's limitless search for knowledge, born from a Summer trapped indoors by inclement weather.  Her love for reading and research will open many doors for her during her lifetime!  Enjoy this brief interview, and come back on Friday for my review of this very unique and fascinating exploration of women who have impacted history in meaningful ways!  Welcome, Sasha!

In your book, Legends from Mom’s Closet, you share tidbits about and dress up like
legendary women you read about during a rainy summer spent indoors. A lot of kids
your age would spend a rainy summer watching TV or playing video games. What
made you decide to start reading books about famous women?

Well, I actually love to read, especially biographies. I don’t usually spend a lot of time
using any devices. I didn’t specifically start reading books about famous women, but I
started looking around for books to learn more about legendary people. I just happened
to meet these iconic women through their amazing stories and spending a day in their

What is the biggest lesson you learned from getting to know all of these female

I learned many lessons! Most of all though, I learned that women are super strong.
Women work very hard and can get through anything that might stand in their way of

achieving their goals. Women are so inspiring!

What inspired you to use your mom’s clothes and your grandmother’s vintage pieces
to recreate all of their iconic looks?

Actually, I just went into my mom’s closet and started trying on her shoes and dresses.
This was after I read about Frida Kahlo. So, I just got the idea to try and dress up as her! I
thought my mom might be really upset with me for playing with her things, but she
loved the idea. If the legend was wearing something like I really couldn’t figure out
where to get, I would call my grandma for advice. Most of the time, she had exactly

what I needed!

How did you decide which legends to include in Legends from Mom’s Closet?

I didn’t choose them before. I just started to read about people who I didn’t know much
about yet and it ended up being all women! After, I just decided to share them in this


Your other passion is the environment. Tell us what you learned about vintage fashion
versus fast fashion.

When I was started my movement Iwantmyoceanback and this project, I was doing a lot
of research during that time. I wanted to know more about what are the biggest things
that pollute our oceans and cause problems for our planet. I found out like clothing is
one of the biggest ocean pollutants and some fabrics, like polyester, have plastic in
them so it breaks down and hurts our sea animals. After finding this out, I realized that
it’s very harmful to buy fast fashion because people just buy the clothes and throw them
away soon after. It inspired me to learn more about vintage and how we can buy
secondhand instead, and just reuse clothing!

Ultimately, what do you hope your readers take away from your book?

I hope readers learn how important it is to let your creativity run wild! I want other kids
to know that we can get inspired and have fun while also learning new things and
growing our knowledge. It’s also very important that we learn more about how fast
fashion affects our oceans and that we stop it! We need to win the war against fast
fashion to help save the planet.

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