Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Missing Money: Money Monsters by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner Illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat

About the Book:
Kai Akana is your typical little boy. He is thoughtful and brave in his own way.  He has big dreams and an even bigger imagination. In THE MISSING MONEY Kai receives a cash gift (YAY!) from his grandmother but soon "loses" his money to what he believes is a Money Monster.  Kai musters up all his courage and creates a plan to save his money. Luckily, before Kai commits a potential crime, his mother sits him down to explain what happened to his money. Through this adventure Kai learns some important money basics the basics of banking, saving and modern banking technology. 

My Thoughts:
It has been several years since I've had young children in my home, but I am thrilled when I can support someone who taps into a child's imagination and explores things from that perspective.  Kai's experience with an ATM machine is fun and amazing all at once!  What is an almost daily experience in the life of the adult's in his life becomes a rather scary concept for a child who doesn't have the fainest idea of how the banking process takes place.

I thought it was brilliant that Kai waited until he thought his parents were calm before he presented his fears about the Money Monster! His parents responded in a way that was both respectful and empowering by explaining the deposit process, and giving him an ATM card to access his money.  Parents can take a learning queue from the author and be careful not to diminish a child's fear of a concept that is difficult to grasp from their perspective.

This book is going to provide endless hours of conversation and teachable moments between children and their parents.  Bravo!

About the Author:
 Okeoma Moronu is a corporate finance attorney, mother of two and former teacher. She is a graduated from Columbia Law School in 2011 with over $200,000 in student loans and has paid off those loans. In the process of becoming debt free she became quite the personal finance nerd.

Her hope is that the Money Monsters series will create opportunities for parents, teachers, and educators to have money conversations with children that will spark an interest and develop a curiosity, comfort and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Sandhya Prahbat, is the illustrator of the Money Monsters world. She hand painted and digitally rendered a series of dynamic, fun and interesting images that bring Kai's adventure to life for your little one's reading pleasure.  You can learn more about Sandhya at  http://www.sandhyaprabhat.com/

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