Friday, June 21, 2019

The Long Goodbye REVIEWED

I read and reviewed Kara Tippett’s book The Hardest Peace in October of 2014.  To see this documentary become a reality is both transformational in its power, and profoundly sad in the loss it represents.  But the sadness, although I know the Tippett’s family will walk in a measure of this all of their days, I know the reality of what God can and does do for families impacted by illness and chronic disease.

I am a member of a family that was born out of this type of loss.  My Dad buried his first wife at the tender age of 25 – a melanoma metastasized to the brain – and was a single Dad to two very young children before he was 30 years old.  Now, my parents have celebrated more than 55 years of marriage, and I’m the first of two children from that marriage – a blended family that now overflows with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I have seen my Mom put flowers on the grave of Dad’s first wife as recently as this past Christmas.  I can’t fully fathom this type of love.  I know this is the legacy that Kara Tippetts left behind for her family and friends.  Her books bear testament of God’s power, grace and faithfulness through some of life’s darkest moments.  The bravery to be so transparent though this entire journey amazes me, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the Tippetts family for sharing this with us.

For the believer, death is still a sad, dark valley to walk through, and yet the hope that we have through Christ does, indeed, take away the crippling pain of eternal separation.  To view this film encourages me not to waste a moment of life – to live every day to its fullest – and love those who share my life better and more transparently.  This film left me feeling hopeful instead of sad, and I think that is what Kara would want. 

This is a great testimony of God’s power and grace found in the moments they are needed most.  He is faithful!  So incredibly faithful!!

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