Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christy by Catherine Marshall - REVIEWED

About the Book:
The train taking nineteen-year-old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville, North Carolina, might as well be transporting her to another world. The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspended in time, trapped by poverty, superstitions, and century-old traditions. But as Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home, some see her---and her one-room school---as a threat to their way of life. Her faith is challenged and her heart is torn between two equally strong, but different men. Yearning to make a difference, will Christy's determination and devotion be enough?

My Thoughts:

I'm going to date myself terribly when I say this, but I remember my sister's copy of this book - decades ago.  I realize that this is the 50th anniversary edition, and my sister is only a decade older, but I remember her reading this book as a young teen.  I even remember the cover of the book!  Sadly, I didn't read it then, and my first real encounter with the story was the television seasons that ran for a few years.  When I had the chance to read and review the story, I could barely wait to get started!

I have to say that this book is one that literally sweeps me away to a different time and place.  I lost all sense of time when I began reading, and as I followed the people of Cutter Gap and Christy's transformation as she came to care about them, my heart was totally involved.  I laughed and cried, cringed and startled....my emotions ran the gamut with this story, and I fell as deeply in love with the folks of Cutter Gap as Christy herself.

This story is meticulously developed, and the characters walk from the pages of this story straight into your heart.  Life was rough in Cutter Gap, but Christy never lost her enthusiasm and desire to have these folks improve their lives and reach beyond their cove and begin to learn about the world beyond their boarders.  All the while, she also learns the value of the traditions and sense of family that has fueled the survival of these hearty folks.

What Christy brings above all else is the love of Christ.  She literally becomes the hands and feet of Jesus in this community.  Oh, Miss Alice and David have the mission well in hand before she arrives, but her big heart and her desire to bring help and healing to these people begin to challenge and inspire those who'd already begun to pave the way.

This book has endured for 5 decades, and will endure for 5 more if the Lord tarries.  This is a timeless novel that I am VERY grateful to have taken the time to read - finally!!  This should be in every reader's library!!

About the Author:

Catherine Marshall is a New York Times best-selling author of 30 books. A beloved inspirational writer and speaker, Catherine's enduring career spanned four decades and reached more than 30 million readers.

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