Friday, June 9, 2017

Hillsong United - Wonder - releases today!! June 9th! - REVIEWED

"If creation sings your praises so will I." - So Will I

If you want an intimate worship experience, Wonder is the album you've been waiting for!  The songs on this album take you into the presence of God and worships His majesty, His loving kindness toward His creation and His great salvation that He provided through His Son, Jesus.

I'm not sure I can express why this feels so intimate, but with every song, I just felt drawn closer and closer to God.  Most of the songs begin with a gentle softness and build into an expansive sound of worship and praise!  There is a lot of focus on God as Creator, and I enjoyed that immensely! Sometimes the world's issues and conflicts overwhelm our hearts and minds and we forget just how BIG God is!  This album really focuses on God's vastness, and His vast love for His creation!

I AM HIS CREATION!  YOU ARE HIS CREATION! And HE LOVES YOU!!  That is the message that resounds in my heart with each song that plays. Rain...Reign is one of my favorite songs because of this!  God is the Creator of all, and He is every bit as powerful, loving, merciful and great as He has always been, and He loves His creation with an covenant love!

You don't want to miss this album!!  Praise and worship Your Creator today!

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