Friday, July 8, 2016

Liberating King by Stephen Miller - REVIEWED

About the Book:
At the moment we believe, Christ delivers us from the prison of sin. But instead of walking out into the clear, brisk air of freedom, we often turn back to the dank, suffocating cell, pull the door closed behind us, and then try to find our way out again by our own power.

This is not how it's supposed to be. We need someone stronger than us to release us from the prison of sin. Enter Jesus, the liberating king.

With passion and purpose, worship pastor Stephen Miller calls us to draw near to Christ in worship, allowing his Word and the Holy Spirit to loose our chains by exposing the lies that imprisoned us in the first place. When we do, we see everything more clearly--from the sinking sand of our man-made security to the solid rock of Jesus's unshakable power. Miller shows that holy living is within our grasp when we keep our eyes and our adoration on the one who was sent not only to save us but also to make us into new creations.

My Thoughts:
Faith is being brave knowing what you know now.”  (p. 51)

What do we know?  That our Creator God loves us, died for us, made a way for us to be redeemed and live with Him eternally – and every day He gives us the opportunity to walk in the freedom of knowing WHO He is and that WE ARE HIS!! 

This book was another God appointment for me.  Leading any type of group in ministry is challenging, and there are times when you come up against unbelief and hurt and disappointment, and that is when believers need to worship the most! We need to remind ourselves that we belong to God and God alone, and that no matter what circumstance tells us, that is a truth that never changes!!

Miller teaches us a lot about worship – that it is not a song or ever a set of songs, but a lifestyle.  Our workplace becomes worship, serving others is worship, everything we do for The Father is worship.  Miller deals with topics such as grief, worry, loving others and many more areas that many believers struggle to believe that worship is even possible.  Each chapter ends with a series of questions that will serve believers to think deeper about the thoughts presented.  This will be an excellent study for both individuals and small groups!  I plan to use it with my small group this Fall! 

I am happy to recommend this book to EVERYONE!!  Come, let us worship together!

About the Author:
Stephen Miller is a pastor and artist who strives to enlarge people’s view of God with the truth of Scripture and artfully provide a vocabulary to express thankfulness and praise to Him. He is a passionate advocate for the local church and he travels all over the world to preach and lead worship with his band for various conferences, concerts, camps and more.

Believing that songs alone are insufficient to express our love for God, and are in fact our smallest expression of worship, Stephen is adamant that worship is a lifestyle expressed through mercy, justice, and compassion. He is a voice for orphan care as well as a Compassionate International artist, who he partners with to help rescue children out of poverty in Jesus’ name."Fain

Stephen has recorded four studio albums, and is the author of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars. He serves as the Worship Pastor at Real Life Church in Austin, TX where he resides with his wife, Amanda, and their five children.

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