Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bread & Wine recorded by Ben and Kelly Smith live at Serenbe -REVIEWED

Mighty in battle, perfect in love
Awesome in wonder, faithful and just
Matchless in mercy, wisdom and strength
You can be trusted in all of your ways – Unto Your Name verse one

This song has captured my heart!  I was honored to hear this performed live during a worship service at Bethel Atlanta several months ago.  Ben and Kelly have such a peace and genuineness about them, that when you see them lead worship, it is a truly wonderful thing to be a part of! 

Each song on this album is filled with praise for Who God is and all of the many way He has shown His love for us!  Another song on this album speaks powerfully to me – I Am Not The Same.  I love to be reminded of the transforming power of God’s love in my life.

This entire project will lead you to the foot of the cross!  This captures the essence of worship and the part it plays in the life of all believers – to bring us into God’s presence and prepare our hearts to receive all that God wants to give us!

I encourage each of you to pick up a copy of the CD or download it from itunes.  This is a project you don’t want to miss!! Bless you Ben and Kelly for sharing this precious gifts with the world!!

Check out both albums, the videos and a lot of other information HERE!! And purchase your copy today!

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