Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury - REVIEWED

About the Book:
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes the third novel in an unforgettable series about divine intervention and the trials and triumphs of life for a group of friends.

Despite needing a heart transplant and against the advice of her doctor, Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work at a new orphanage. Whatever time she has left, Mary Catherine wants to spend it helping children—especially since there will be no children of her own. The only problem is Major League Baseball player Marcus Dillinger, the man she never meant to fall in love with. Neither Marcus nor Mary Catherine’s other friends—Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson—know just how serious her heart condition is.

Still, Marcus is sure in the depths of his soul that something isn’t right. Ultimately his correspondence with Mary Catherine leads him on a desperate life-or-death mission to rescue her and get her to a US hospital before time runs out. Meanwhile, Sami and Tyler struggle with issues of their own. In a season when Tyler plans to ask Sami to marry him, the very core of their relationship is in jeopardy.

The team of angels walking is busier than ever in this epic battle between life and death. Brush of Wings is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and the power of faith.

My Thoughts:
A stubborn, prideful woman (Mary Catherine) and a struggling professional athlete (Marcus) come together in the third novel of Karen Kingsbury’s Angels Walking series to create the perfect storm in which God’s angelic hosts must intervene.  I was SUPER skeptical when I approached this novel, because many times God’s intervention in our lives – whether through angelic beings or other means – come across very poorly in a novel.  When you combine angels with over-the-top romance, well…

I was pleasantly surprised by the spiritual truths that are brought to light in the novel.  Mary Catherine’s stubbornness, and Marcus’ persistence despite circumstances – those are familiar scenarios in my life!  And the role of the angelic beings…well, I’ve experienced some of those type things in my own life, so I’m totally open to that reality!

In short, this is a solid novel if you like modern day romance with a twist of the spiritual realm.  The reality and outcome are believable and will leave you feeling close to the cast of characters.  Their choices are not without consequence, and that is what makes this book believable.  I am happy to recommend this to readers everywhere!

About the Author:
Karen Kingsbury, #1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America’s favorite inspirational storyteller, with more than twenty-five million copies of her award-winning books in print. Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Don, and their five sons, three of whom are adopted from Haiti. Their actress daughter, Kelsey, lives nearby and is married to Christian recording artist Kyle Kupecky. The couple recently welcomed their first child, Hudson, making Karen and Don grandparents for the first time.

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