Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saying Yes To God by Barbara LaChance - REVIEWED (just go buy the book today!!)

About the Book:
Saying Yes to God is about one family’s decision to obey God’s call, no matter the cost, no matter the comfort. This incredible true story reminds us all that life if meant to be lived for others, not only in word, but in deed. Love is only fully realized through sacrifice. Few families demonstrate the love and sacrifice of a lifetime like the Lachances. Every reader will be inspired by the beautiful surrender of love through the lives of Barbara Lachance, her family, and the community of severe special needs children that no one wanted until the Lachance family said “yes” to God.

My Thoughts:
When we reach the point where we desire only to be in the place He desires us to be, I believe we are completely able to say yes to God.”  (p. 113)
But what if you aren’t in that place, what if unforgiveness, illness or tragedy lie between you and your relationship with God?  I’m glad you asked! And Barbara LaChance, author of Saying Yes To God is too!! In her book, she addresses all of these issues and more!  In a very intimate, forthright manner of a dear friend, she tells her story.  That alone is an encouragement and inspiration, but she also is transparent enough to be vulnerable enough to tell you how she has grown and changed in her own faith walk that has spanned decades.  She is honest and shares her pursuit of physical healing, and how, still suffering chronic illness, she has developed an attitude of thankfulness and how God has used her illness to position her to be able to minister the gospel to others who died within hours of accepting Christ.
Honestly, this book has had a very powerful impact on my life!  Barbara hasn’t had an easy life, and, in fact, she and her husband have lived so sacrificially through their lifetime, that countless lives have been impacted for all eternity!  I even found some of my own healing in the pages of this book!  When she shares her heart about inner healing, about letting the past be the past and embracing  true forgiveness…it has changed my life!!  I find myself taking my thoughts captive and speaking forgiveness and blessing over the situation!!

I’m telling you now – EVERYONE needs to read this book!! It is powerful, practical, honest, true to God’s Word and gives God all the glory for everything!!  I am so blessed to have had this God appointment touch my life so profoundly!!  AMEN!! And AMEN!! And AMEN!!!
About the Author:
Barbara Lachance is an ordained Anglican Minister, a Certified Life Coach, and a Master Life Strategist. Seeing each person as a unique gift of God she and her husband Gerry founded the second Community Training Home in Connecticut and later expanded to New Covenant Inc., a Group Home for people with Developmental Disabilities. She is the founder of Connecticut House of Prayer and Spirit Wind Center two successful non-profit organizations. She has taught internationally on the subject of Pastoral Counseling and Prayer. Having a passion for teaching people how to have a closer relationship with God through intimate prayer, she has seen lives transformed all over the world by helping people unite with God in prayer as they plan their personal and professional lives. Discovering a talent for painting later in life and is now using her artistic ability as another tool to help individuals discover their divine calling. She is the author of two successful books, The Bland Canvass and Prayer for the Workplace. Barbara and her husband Gerry live on their farm in Connecticut where they own and operate Generational Solutions LLC. There they share their talents and successes with others who are searching for the tools to operate a successful, Christ based business. Fans can contact Barbara Lachance at, connect with her through her facebook page or reach her via email

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