Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A View from Holly Starr's Window!

I just wanna serve You. Please take my life. This is my cry.”

This is the heart cry of one of the most amazing contemporary Christian song writers…Holly Starr. I had the blessing and privilege to meet this young lady (she’s 20!) during the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. Her quiet countenance and gentle voice don’t give you any clue to the astounding vocal talent this lady possesses! But when you hear her sing…watch out! Prepare to have your heart lifted to the Father!

Join me as we discuss her second release Tapestry, and her journey into the music industry.

How long have you been interested in music?

I’ve always known that music was part of my life. I began taking piano lessons in first grade, and then in middle school I started taking voice lessons. During that time of my life I also joined a youth band. In my junior year of highschool I was approached by a producer in Washington state and it wasn’t long before I released my first CD, Embraced.

Did you always dream of being part of the music industry?

No. I planned on becoming a cosmetologist! But my music career has taken off, and so that’s the plan God had for me. I just released my second CD, Tapestry.

Is writing music similar to writing books? I don’t know much about this process.

It is similar, because even while you are working on one project, you are inspired and begin to write new material. It’s a continuous process.

Do you write your own music?

Yes. I write music and lyrics. I’ve been fortunate to work with other recording artists on different projects in addition to working and releasing my own titles.

Can you tell us a little about your latest project? What is your favorite song on this album?

My Cry is a reflection of the entire album. That song tells about a time in my life when God just blew me away with His name and His character. It was as if He was telling me, “If you don’t believe that I will provide for every single need, then you don’t believe in Who you say you believe in. If you don’t believe God is in control to the depths of what that really means, you don’t believe in God.

That’s what faith is all about. I wrote My Cry in response to what God was showing me.

There is a real heart cry for today’s youth, and I have a very strong feeling that you need to be real with my generation.

What does your song writing mean to you? How does that process work?

When I’m writing, I spend time in God’s presence. From my time in His presence He shows me what He’s been teaching me. Then a phrase will come, and then the music follows. Then the words of the song will follow.

What words of encouragement would you like to share with others?

Stay in the Word. Persevere. Pursue God.

Holly is one of four children, and one of three that is serving God full-time in ministry. She is passionate about reaching her generation with the gospel, and she loves being able to connect with her generation through music.

Please add Holly Starr to you Christian music collection today! You will be abundantly blessed! I know I was when I met her, and I am ministered to by the message in her music!

Tapestry releases on October 19th. Go to Holly’s site to learn more about her music and her ministry.

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