Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sword in the Stars by Wayne Thomas Batson - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the author's site)
From the moment you witness former assassin Alastair Coldhollow discover the sword in the stars, you will be riveted to the very real hope that God can use even the most broken among us for great deeds. Kids will find themselves tearing through the pages as they discover the world of Myriad…a world filled with strange peoples like the Windborne, Stonehands, and the Marinaens. And creatures such as Wights, Rook, and the Spirax. Parents will love the connections that their kids will make when they realize that God is full of surprises and that sin is never to be toyed with. Sword in the Stars, the first of seven books in the series, is the breathtaking launch of an epic fantasy that will draw readers to come on a long and perilous adventure that will make them better for having gone on the journey.

My Son's View: (age 17)

Sword in the Stars is a fantasy adventure that takes you to a far away land known as Myriad – a land teeming with strange creatures and legends. In Myriad, readers find the hero, Alastair Coldhollow, who has had a troubled and violent past that has left him with little hope. The only hope that Alastair has left is the coming of the foretold Halfainin that Alastair has sought for the last ten years.

Al Slatair continues the search for the Halfainin, tension grows between two nations know as Anglinore and the evil Gorrack nation. War between these two nations would mean war that would envelope all of Myriad and cause world war.

Alastair’s adventures take him throrough dangerous lands, and he finds himself caught up in the struggle against good and evil. Can Alastair find the Halfainin or will the free people of Myriad fall to the evil forces? In this story you will bind Biblical comparisons such as those between the coming of the Halfainin and the coming of Jesus to save us from this wicked world. Wayne Thomas Batson weaves a great tale that will keep you glued to the pages as you follow Alastair on his adventures.

Mom's two cents: Sword in the Stars is no small tome, and my son just inhaled it! (less than 48 hours from first page to review) I met Wayne Thomas Batson in Atlanta at the IRCS, and was able to recognize him because of his flowing cape and huge sword! He was a delight to meet, and I am thrilled to have him providing stories that my teen sons can enjoy!!

You can find out more about this wonderful series, the author and lots more HERE! Enjoy!!

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