Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nick of Time by Tim Downs - REVIEWED

My Thoughts:

“Remember record albums? Remember the sound it made when you accidentally dropped the needle while the album was spinning? That’s what happens to my brain every time you call.” (p.190)

What an apt description of the effect Nick Polchak has on everyone he meets!! Tim Downs has brought The Bug Man back in the most awesome way imaginable!! I have laughed, been puzzled, held my breath, felt my heart race and, in the end, felt tears in my eyes! PERFECT!!! Absolutely PERFECT!!

I’ll admit, I was sorely disappointed in Ends of the Earth and its multi-choice ending. But more than that, I was heart broken that I wouldn’t spend any more time with The Bug Man! I know Downs has many more stories to tell, and they don’t all have The Bug Man at the center of the action, but I’m SO GLAD that we will once again spend time with his zany self! (Downs and Polchak!) I’m not going to give ANY of the plot away, but suffice it to say that you will NEVER enjoy a more exciting case of pre-wedding jitters! And the soliloquy that Nick delivers at the end of the book – sigh! – you will never forget!!

I CANNOT recommend Nick of Time highly enough! I stopped everything to make time to read this story, and I’m sure you will too! Nick Downs, (what a aptly placed brain twist! I can't separate author and main character! ) I salute you!! The Bug Man is dearer to me now than ever before, because I think he may have just begun to understand the human heart! Sigh!

About the Author:
Tim Downs is the Christy Award-winning author of Plague Maker and the Bug Man novels. When he's not writing, he and his wife are featured speakers for the Family Life conferences. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and three children.


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